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Triple Star Impregnator
Sealer for all types of marble, granite, stone, tile and masonry surfaces.

Product Description
Triple Star Impregnator is a unique product designed for the protection of all grout, ceramic and quarry tile, marble, granite, slate, limestone, concrete, brick and masonry surfaces. Triple Star Impregnator penetrates into the pores of the surface to form a barrier that is resistant to moisture and stains while allowing complete vapor transmission. Triple Star Impregnator helps prevent graffiti from penetrating into stone. Triple Star Impregnator is not a surface coating and will not alter the natural look. All surfaces are harder and less slippery. Triple Star Impregnator can be used on interior and exterior applications from -65 F to +400 F. Triple Star Impregnator allows maximum penetration while supplying the maximum coverage for cost-effective performance. Triple Star Impregnator averages five to twenty times the coverage of other products (See coverage chart below). Triple Star Impregnator is U.V. Transparent, resists acid rain and will not yellow under any circumstances. Triple S tar Impregnator inhibits the growth of mold, mildew and fungus in humid and damp areas. For added color on textured non-polished surfaces. Star Satin Finish may be applied after Triple Star Impregnator has cured. See product data sheet on Satin Finish for proper application instructions. Due to the difference of each material, several inconspicuous test patches should be completed to assure maximum performance. User must determine suitability of the product for their intended use.

Porous Substrates
Surface absorption can vary with various stone, tile, grout and paver products. Triple Star Impregnator is recommended for maximum protection from dirt, water grease and oils on porous materials such as limestone, flamed granite, saltillo, terra cotta, flagstone, sandstone, cantera and slate.

Applications Instructions

New Installation - Before Grouting
Apply Triple Star Impregnator on all surfaces prior to grouting. This step will allow quick and easy cleanup after grouting. Grout can stain many materials if this procedure is not used prior to grouting. Grout can stain many materials if this procedure is not used prior to grouting. Apply Triple Star Impregnator using a clean cotton towel, lambs wool applicator, rayon mop or pneumatic sprayer. Apply enough to wet the surface. (See Coverage Chart below) Be careful not to saturate the open grout joints. Allow Triple Star Impregnator to stand for 3 to 5 minutes for maximum penetration. All excess must be removed at his time with a clean dry towel. This is especially important on glazed and polished materials as well as all porcelain materials. Allows Triple Star Impregnator to cure 24 hours before continuing with the grouting procedure.

New Installation - After Grouting
All excess grout residue/haze must be removed with the appropriate cleaner before continuing. Apply Triple Star Impregnator to the grout joints using a paint brush or towel. On larger areas or more porous materials, a second application may be applied over the entire surface including the grout joint in the same manner as mentioned above. These procedures will protect the grout joint as well as the tile or stone surface.

Existing Installation
Remove all existing wax, coating or other sealers with Starstrip or an appropriate stripper. Clean the surface and grout with Starclean per the instructions. Apply Triple Star Impregnator as directed.

Cure Time
Although Triple Star Impregnator requires a 24 hour curing time, it will be dry to the touch in 30-45 minutes and many be used for normal foot traffic. For optimum results, the area should be kept dry and free from staining materials for 72 hours.

Store Triple Star Impregnator in the original container, properly scaled to avoid contamination and solvent evaporation. Stored at 77 F (40 C), Triple Star Impregnator will have a shelf life of 12 months.

Triple Star Impregnator contains combustible petroleum distillates. All solvents must be considered toxic and must be used in well ventilated areas. Good ventitation means that fresh air is flowing in such a way as to feel a slight breeze. Use open windows and fans to circulate air. Continue to ventilate until vapors are elimated. Exposure to high vapor concentration must be avoided. Inhaling the vapors can be harmful. Keep away from heat and open flames. Avoid prolonged contact with skin. Gloves should be worn at all times. Keep small children and pets out of area until area has thoroughly dried.

Coverage (square footage / gallon)
Ceramic Tile
Flamed Granite
Glazed Tile
Polished Granite
Polished Marble
Porcelain Tile
Quarry Tile
Sanded Grout
Textured Marble

Available Quantities
Case (4) 1 gl. Containers
5 Gallon Pail
55 gl. Drum

Designed for environmentally safe preservation, maintenance & restoration of marble & all natural stone.