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Starclean — Cleaner|Restorer for Marble and Stone
Neutral pH emulsifying cleaner designed for use on natural stone, tile and marble.

Uses: Star Clean can be used on any surface such as marble, granite, limestone, slate, porcelain and ceramic tile as a restorer, daily maintenance solution, or grout film remover.

Directions: Mix 2 oz. Starclean per 1 gallon of water for polished and non-absorbent flooring. For honed, flame-cut, tumbled and absorbent flooring, reduce mix to 1 oz. per 1 gallon of water. For spray buffing applications or extremely soiled surfaces, mix 4 oz. per 1 gallon of water. Grout film removal mixture is dependent on grout type and degree of film. Test at 2 to 3 oz. per 1 gallon of water for best mixture, using white polishing pad to break mechanical bond. For extremely dirty surfaces, flood mop allowing solution time to work. Mop or vacuum up dirt laden solution. Under normal conditions, do not rinse. The floor can be buffed when dry to enhance luster. Starclean also helps increase slip resistance.

Professional Use

Specification for Automatic Floor Scrubbers and Spray Buffing
This specification is written as a narrative. This is in light of the fact that no two equipment product lines work exactly the same. Variables in the performance specs of automatic equipment make it imperative that this specification be adjusted to accommodate your specific piece or pieces of equipment.

The variables in auto scrubbing revolve around speed, brush pressure, brush grit or grade, and solution and recovery tank capacities. These factors equate to what is known as clean rate productivity. Traditionally, these auto scrubbers are employed on surfaces that either have a topical coating or are impervious by nature.

Marble, Limestone, Granite and all other related stone materials are not impervious. Further, it is the philosophy of MTA with Star System products that no natural stone requires or should have a topical treatment applied. Since these materials are porous, cleaning of these surfaces is not a matter of clean rate productivity, but a matter of allowing time for it to work.

Starclean is an emulsifying cleaner that works best when given time to work. Only by emulsifying the contaminates from the stone is there any assurance that the floor will be clean and more slip resistant. This takes time. However, it does not increase overall time per square foot on an annual or quarterly basis, as frequency of auto scrubbing is reduced.

The protective and slip inhibiting qualities of Starclean reduce the re-soil rate of the stone. Further, because the pores and surface of the stone are being purged, the stone's body is much cleaner.

The following specification is based on certain clean rate capabilities. If the equipment you employ does not meet that standard, or other specifics are out of tolerance for your equipment, contact MTA for technical assistance.

Auto Scrub Buff Specification

Mix Starclean at 1 to 64 ratio, or two ounce per gallon. No defoamer or other adjusting chemistry is required. Auto dispensers may be employed . For tank capacities over 25 gallons, some foaming may occur. In this case, fill with water before adding Starclean solution.

175 RPM to 400 RPM. This is a variable against the brush pressure factor.

For pressures up to 100lbs., all speeds are applicable. For brush pressure over 100 lbs., a maximum brush speed of 200 RPM is recommended.

Two methods can be employed. Single pass scrub and pick up is acceptable. This method has a recommended maximum clean rate of 16,000 square feet per hour based on a 32" clean swath. A 22" clean swath or scrub path will yield 10,000 square feet per hour. Feet per minute on single pass cleaning should not exceed 120 square feet, unless scrub frequency is high. In this case, 180 square feet per minute is acceptable.

Double pass, or lay down and return to pickup, is the more productive method since the chemistry is allowed maximum time to work. Lay down the solution at maximum speed. Allow solution to work for no less than 30 seconds. Pick up solution at maximum speed. Scrub down may occur on either pass.

Polished and highly honed materials should be scrubbed with soft natural bristle brushes, tampico or white nylon polishing grade scrub brushes. Flame cut, sand blasted, bush hammered and cleft face materials may be scrubbed with traditional scrub brushes such as the nylagrit, malgrit, and tynex based brushes.

Spray Buff Procedure
For added luster, Starclean may be employed as a spray and buff solution. Mix at a 32 to 1 ratio, or 4 ounces per gallon. Apply as a fine mist. For buffing at 400 RPM or less, allow solution to dry. High speed burnishers may buff while solution is wet. White polishing pads or soft natural bristle brushes yield the best results. Worn stone and certain soft porous stones may require increasing solution to 6 ounces per gallon for desired results. Spray buffing with Starclean solution increases the product's slip inhibiting qualities.

Available Quantities
Case ( 2) 1 gallon Containers
Case ( 4) 1 gallon Containers
5 gallon Pail
55 gallon Drum