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Stardust 1000
Polishing Powder for Marble, Limestone, Onyx, Serpentine, Travertine and all unpolished mineralized stone.

Product Description
A powder formulated to maintain the factory honed, tumbled, sandblasted or water jet finish of mineralized stone. Removes traffic pattern abrasion and acid/alkali etching while cleaning the stone and grout. This product will not remove deep gouges or lippage. Stardust 1000 is formulated to be used as a restoring maintenance product and in conjunction with Starclean for daily maintenance.

Can be used on marble, limestone, onyx, serpentine, travertine and all unpolished mineralized stone. Excellent for post construction clan up, grout film removal and eliminating factory finish blemishes.
Not For Use On Granite

Approximately 250 TO 400 square feet per pound depending on condition of surface being treated and size of grout matrix.

The use of 175 RPM floor machine (minimum weight 100 lbs.) equipped with solution tank, showerfeed pad driver and a white floor maintenance pad is recommended. 1) Sprinkle Stardust 1000 on floor in a circle equal to the size of machine being used. Approximately 6 ounces or one third pound of powder is recommended to build initial slurry. Set machine directly on the Stardust 1000 that has been applied to floor. With solution tank water control, apply water to floor BEFORE turning on machine. Add water or Stardust 1000 as necessary to create a watery slurry. Maintain the consistency of slurry during the entire honing and cleaning process. Rotation of machine may splatter working slurry. Protect adjoining areas of carpet, wall treatments, etc. 2) If machine is not equipped with solution tank, manually add water to Stardust 1000 powder BEFORE turning machine on. Create working slurry as in Step 1. 3) For control, work areas of no more than 15 to 20 square feet at a time. DO NOT ALLOW SLURRY TO DR Y ON SURFACE AT ANY TIME. 4) After 3 to 4 rotations over initial area being worked, pull slurry back with window or floor squeegee to check for desired results. Heavy traffic areas may require additional attention to remove traffic abrasion. Work traffic areas first, blending towards perimeter and non-traffic areas for best results. After initial area being worked is completed, move slurry to next adjacent area to be worked. 5) IMMEDIATELY FLOOD MOP AND WET VAC COMPLETED AREA WITH STARCLEAN SOLUTION. This will ensure that all residue is removed from finished area. Certain types of grout may turn white if Stardust 1000 is left in grout line. IF a wet vac is not being used, completely agitate residue from grout lines. 6) Repeat honing process using the same slurry, adding Stardust 1000 and/or water as necessary to maintain watery slurry. 7) Mop up or wet vac slurry after one pound has completed 250-400 square feet. 8) Repeat step one.

Available Quantities
Case (12) 1 lb. Containers
Case ( 4) 8 lb. Containers
40 lb. Pail