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All natural stone and tile surfaces can be safely cleaned, maintained, and restored to it's original beauty. There are many choices and options when it comes to selecting cleaners, enhancers, restorers, sealers, and maintenance products. However, it is extremely important to consider products that have a natural chemistry baseline and that are Ph neutral. Once such product, Starclean, is made of natural fatty acids and oils that bring out the luster of all stone and tile surfaces without leaving a film or residue. Used over time, Starclean will actually protect the natural fissures and pours of tile and stone. Starclean can also be buffed to bring out all of the natural characteristics of a glazed or polished surface.

Protecting your investment from the start is crucial when it comes to natural stone, grout, and tile. A high-performance sealer that does not change the natural colors or textures of a surface should be considered. Many sealers promise full-protection from all types of soils, spills, and cleaning products. However, unless it is an oil-based product, you will eventually lose the surface protection of a sealer without using a compatible cleaner and restorer. All of our sealers are extremely effective and are compatible with Starclean and our other Star System products.

Enhancing a natural stone surface is very similar to choosing the right sealer for protecting your investment. A quality penetrating surface enhancer will penetrate as far as the surface is porous. Satin Finish is an oil-based enhancer that brings out the natural fissures and veining of honed surfaces like flamed granite, limestone, marble, travetine, slate, and other natural stone surfaces. It is important to note that water-based products do not last and often "re-activate" when using a cleaner with water. The old saying, "oil and water does not mix" is very profound when it comes to choosing the correct enhancer for your project.

Polishing and restoration of a stone or tile surface should only be attempted by a highly-trained professional, at least when it comes to using diamond pads, polishing powders, and restoration type equipment. Many restoration professionals are considered artists and have a step-by-step process for bringing a floor or natural stone surface back to life. Century old techniques are still in place, but with much better and safer products for the customer, professional, and environment. All of our polishing powders are well-known in the natural stone restoration industry and are also private-labeled to many other companies in the USA.