Stardust Satin Finish Sealers StarClean

"Starclean is so easy to use on my granite countertops and makes for a great shine without any streaks." — Cheryl P.

" I simply love the Starclean product and use it on all my ceramic tile and stone surfaces in my home." — Lisa B.

Star Impregnator
"It was so easy to apply and leaves my marble floor protected from spills and everyday use." — Elaine G.

Triple Star Impregnator
"Protecting my limestone flooring as an investment is important and allows me to be worry free from accidents and spills." — Audrey D.

Star Impregnator | ASF
"My bathroom and kitchen grout looks like the first day we moved in. There was no color change or surface film when applying and ultimately protecting our grout with ASF." — Judy W.

Satin Finish
"My Slate flooring looks so good and is protected throughout my home. The Star System Products Satin Finish has brought out the natural movements in each and every tile!" — David B.

"Our Professional crew and restoration team use the Stardust line of products for all natural stone surfaces. The simplicity of use and overall performance of the product enhances our work and makes for a successful project each and every time." — Jeff W., Natural Stone Restoration Professional